Work-in-progress video of our work-in-progress game. Proper experimentation takes time.


Mine, Construct, Expand

"This is your mining empire, Todd.  You will have to watch out for those who will steal it away.  This is our legacy, and I can no longer see it through.  So, don't screw it up!" - Uncle Eli

Full of Character

Professionally crafted characters inhabit the verse, giving rise to deep seated conflicts eliciting bad blood spanning generations. The events of LithoBreak are directly and indirectly affected by decisions made for greed and pride.

Details of this expansive background are hidden throughout the station to discover, helping Todd in the major decisions ahead. Todd must also confront excessive scrutiny and sabotage due to his late Uncle poking the biggest bees nest this side of the Sol System.


Real Simulations

Our expert simulation developers ensure the game mechanics adhere to the sciences to enhance the experience and fun. Many simulations are utilized throughout LithoBreak, from orbital mechanics to power. These simulations are incorporated to provide a deeper sense of realism and engagement, allowing players to pull the levers of every simulation.


Crafted for Fun

Everything has been carefully added to create a more immersive and meaningful experience. We are dedicated to enabling gamers to play with science.

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