It is strange to think years of effort can be summed up with three words. When we started on this journey, we had little idea where it would take us. All we knew there was a yearning for great sci-fi games that could leverage the sciences as a way to enrich the experience.

We know gamers care about accurate science when it enhances the gameplay. We also know gamers are aware when the wool is being pulled over their eyes to hide inaccurate science content. That is why our team and collaborators include engineers and science nerds. We care deeply about creating a genuine experience that immerses the player in a world brimming with science.

We also know gamers won’t play if it isn’t fun. The main reason we don’t advertise our games as educational is because those games often force a mechanic when it simply isn’t fun to play with. We ensure our game mechanics are interesting and have depth, or we don’t ship it. We want to create positive memorable experiences with the player.

In everything we do, we strive to nail the synergies between science content and sci-fi story telling.

We invite you all to follow us on this journey.