Development Opportunities

We know our games must be fun and fluid.  We are looking for individuals that can deliver real science in a Sci-Fi verse.


UI + UX Developer

We are looking for a talented UI/UX developer excited about pulling interfaces straight out of Sci-Fi movies and making them work well in a variety of scenarios. We need to interpret information from engineering simulations and present it to the user in easy and meaningful ways that help them understand the scientific game mechanics and make informed decisions.

This is a part time role for revenue share, with the hope of converting into a full time role with an income in the near future.


Designing and developing a Sci-Fi user interface style

Developing a number of puzzle and control interfaces throughout a station (3D and 2D)

Developing a main interface/window overlay for a 3D mining simulation

Developing a tech-tree interface for a mining simulation/strategy

Developing a process interface for coordinating mining efforts on multiple locations

Consulting on what or how much information should be portrayed to the user to help refine the underlying simulations to keep the game fun-first


Experience creating stunning user interfaces that incorporates user feedback

Experience developing code to interact with larger game mechanics

Extensive experience with Unity's UI foundation


Simulations Developer

We are looking for an individual experienced with creating large scale, high performance simulations leveraging Unity’s ECS package. Many of these simulations will involve scientific content, meaning close collaboration with our engineering talent. This position is key to our ‘Play with Science’ approach, where the aim is to make scientific simulations accurate, reactive and fun.