Pre-purchase soon to get first access and witness LithoBreak take shape

The complete alpha story content will only be available in the first access phase.

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Game Packs



Get first access and witness the game take shape and give feedback to help shape LithoBreak development. Proper development takes proper experimentation.


  • Founder’s list - Planet level

  • LithoBreak game +first access


Double planet

Because two is always better than one, get a second copy of LithoBreak for a friend, including first access. Sharing is caring.


  • Founder’s list - Planet level

  • 2x LithoBreak games +first access


Gas giant

Add some iron-on Tau Ceti Labs and LithoBreak patches to instantly upgrade you look! Includes 2 Tau Ceti Labs logo patches, 2 LithoBreak game patches, 2 small Tau Ceti Labs patches and 2 small Play With Science patches.


  • Founder’s list - Gas Giant level

  • 2x LithoBreak games +first access

  • TCL + LithoBreak patches set

The price of these tiers will increase as development progresses.


Funding Goals

More funding means more content for all. Tell your friends!


Base game

Fully voiced characters by professional actors

Fully realized and orbit-simulated double star system

Mining game play that explores the sciences of materials, chemistry and engineering

Station filled with intriguing background snips about the characters and verse

Desk Overlook.PNG

Locked - 0% progress

Revealed when goal reaches 20%



What will be available in the alpha and beta phases?

In the alpha phase, a few station rooms will be available to walk around with a view of the starting moon from orbit. A mining console will be available in the main room. Approximately every two months there will be new quests and story content to coincide with new game mechanics being introduced. By the end of the alpha phase, nearly all mining content will be playable and a rich background will be delivered to support the full games story. Feedback will be taken immediately and patches will be deployed between content updates. We have something very special planned for those who participate in the alpha content.

In the beta phase, we will make available the first act of the main game. This will be an hour+ polished vertical slice of game to give a taste of how the full game experience will be. We want to ensure LithoBreak delivers a great first experience, so feedback from this beta will be a huge help.

We will be holding off the majority of the main story content and a few final-tier mining mechanics until the release of LithoBreak. We want to make sure there is plenty of new content to experience on launch day.

When will the alpha and beta be available?

We plan to start releasing alpha builds within days of taking pre-orders. The alpha contains an ongoing story with new content release approximately every two months.

We plan to release beta builds in the months before LithoBreak launches. The beta will be a polished vertical slice of the full game.

What story will be available during the alpha and beta periods?

The alpha will contain its own ongoing story that will tie in to the story experienced in the beta and main game. Additionally, we will be delivering the backstory and development updates of LithoBreak through our Verse blog on a weekly basis. Stay tuned!

Why does the LithoBreak logo contain alchemy symbols?

LithoBreak is the in-game company you control as well as the name of the game. The owner finds it humorous to label his advanced mining technology company with alchemy symbols…


Of course, there is the risk that we will not be able to deliver a polished game. Tau Ceti Labs’ reputation is on the line and we will do everything we can to ensure LithoBreak releases as the quality experience we envision.

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