Tau Ceti Labs

Play with Science


Play with science...

We develop games based upon engineering simulations combined with engaging stories to create unique and immersive experiences.  We strive to create top-tier Sci-Fi content that is worth playing.

Our team has created a vast Sci-Fi universe to explore through deep story telling and complex characters.  Our lore tells a complex story of humanity finding its place among the stars, full of missteps and misfortune.  With humanities influence come tension and conflict, leading to a verse on edge as each faction begins to fear one another.

On the science side of our games, we have multiple Ph.D's ensuring accurate technological and scientific content.  With that said, we believe every game mechanic should be engaging and fun.

Tau Ceti Labs strives to create premium games that excite players about the potential of the future, complete with all the gritty detail that will be part of humanities expansion into the stars.




Julie Ann Emery

Actress, Director, Producer


Story Writer




Kevin Earley

Actor, Producer


Business and Marketing


Christian Moe

Masters in Mechanical Engineering - University of California, Merced

Development lead
Multi-physics simulation developer

As a Masters student at UC Merced, Christian Moe gained experience developing multiple physics simulation solutions including fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, kinematics and radiative heat transfer.

Now graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Christian is putting his vast simulation experience to use developing and guiding developers to create realistic game mechanics for Tau Ceti Labs.