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Play with Science

Work-in-progress video of our work-in-progress game. Proper experimentation takes time.


Mine, Construct, Expand

"This is your mining empire, Todd.  From now on, you will have to watch out for those who will steal it away.  This is our legacy, and I am no longer here to see it through.  Only you can save humanity from succumbing to greed and misfortune.  So, don't screw it up!" - Uncle Eli

An Engineered World

Our engineering knowledge is leveraged in every detail. From the power systems on an orbiting station to the design of a rovers wheels, everything is ensured to look as if someday this could be real. We ensure adherence to physics principles to help design a world full of purpose and thought.

Rover treads and in-wheel suspension grid

Rover treads and in-wheel suspension grid

Full of Character

Professionally crafted characters inhabit the verse, giving rise to deep seated corporate conflicts eliciting bad blood spanning generations. The events of LithoBreak are directly and indirectly affected by decisions made for greed and pride. Details of this expansive background are hidden throughout the station to discover, helping Todd in the major decisions ahead. Todd himself also confronts excessive scrutiny due to his late Uncle inadvertently poking the biggest bees nest this side of the Sol System.

View from the kitchen at a certain point in the station’s orbit

View from the kitchen at a certain point in the station’s orbit

Real Simulations

Our expert simulation developers ensure the game mechanics adhere to scientific principles and engineering mechanics. For example, when designing the mechanics for a moon mining simulation we developed a way to keep the elemental and chemical makeup intact. From material extracted from the source to the firing of a part, the elements inside are always known. This enables us to require certain processes when creating parts as well as augmenting the mechanical properties of formed parts based upon the materials used. This means that striving to make better parts naturally leads to striving for better materials and better processing of materials.

This extends to the systems mechanic as well. When parts are combined into a system, the properties of that system are tied to the mechanical properties of the parts. Swapping out damaged parts in time could improve or degrade a systems properties, so maintaining a supply of quality material is imperative to ongoing operations. In this case, along with others, enabling simulations to interact with each other in this way creates a more complex and interesting mechanic than otherwise possible.

Many other simulations may also be found within LithoBreak, from orbital mechanics to power delivery systems. Those last two simulation also naturally interacting with each other. We incorporate these simulations to give a deeper sense of realism and engagement.

An entire double-star system to explore and exploit

An entire double-star system to explore and exploit

Crafted for Fun

Everything has been carefully added to create a more meaningful experience. We are dedicated to creating a fun world by enabling the audience to play with science.

Real science, real engagement, real fun.

Playtest Survey

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